About Our Firm’s

we are committed to total transparency about our products.

Our commitment is to nurturing life. This commitment extends beyond food production. It also includes the causes, projects and initiatives that we support. We rely on a team that is committed to innovation every day in order to deliver high quality products. There are over 100 000 employees around the world. An international team with a broad vision that pays attention to local needs.

Brazil Chicken Suppliers relies on each member of its team to achieve its goals. Our work is guided by core values. We are committed to ethics and transparency in our value chain, as well as innovation.

We can’t do it all ourselves. Apart from our employees we have over 13000 integrated producers and over 30000 supplies, 4000 of which are for grain, flour, and kitchen oil. There are also 240 000 consumers around the world. This allows us to do small, humane things and opens up new opportunities for personal development. This is the foundation of our wonderful community that is entrepreneurial, diverse, and passionate. Permeable borders allow for the renovation of relationships in a collaborative and inclusive manner.

Our company also works to be better than yesterday and to go ahead on the path of innovation, product quality.

These include our relationship to markets, our relationships between managers and teams, our partnership between departments, and the motivation that drives our daily activities. Our organization has a different value and work ethics that pushes our work family towards a very unique approach of working that helps us to beat our competition. Moreover, we believe to tie all the knots together this makes the working more effective to deliver more quality.


Hygienic and Healthy

We take care of Hygienic as People's health is most important for us

Easy to Cook

Our food is always fresh and easy to cook.

Farm Fresh Meats

You can get the fresh meats from our farms

Halal Certified

We are certified for Halal meat

Certificates & Awards

what we achive and what we deliver